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Beef & Pork Family Hamper

Beef & Pork Family Hamper

Created with a family of four in mind, this hamper will feed at least 4 people with 8 tasty meals (and provide leftovers too!)


The hamper contains:

2 x 450g Trays of Cumberland Sausage

2 x 450g Trays of Guest Flavour of the month Sausage

1 x 1.5KG Topside or Silverside Roasting Joint

2 x 500g Steak Mince

1 x 500g Stewing Steak

1 x 500g Braising Steak

8 x Beltie 6oz Steak Burgers

1 x Castle Belties Hessian Shopper Bag


Pre-order for:

Nationwide Deliveries 3rd May

Collection/ Local Deliveries 3rd/4th May

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