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We are the Wainwright's fifth generation farmers located in Low Hesket, Cumbria. Over the years our family has farmed Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Turkeys and Arable but bought our first Belted Galloway Cattle or ‘Belties’ in 2015 and first British Saddleback Pigs in 2022. Since then the herd has grown along with our love for native breeds. We're so proud of our stock and are now at the stage where we can regularly supply seasonal 21- day aged prime beef and premium pork directly to customers who have peace of mind; they know exactly where their food comes from. 

We release new batches of beef and pork on a monthly basis,  we take pre-orders online where you will receive an order confirmation with delivery/ collection dates. . For the most up to date release dates you can follow our Instagram @castlebelties as well as insights into our day to day farm management.

Pictured: Neil



Our grass-fed herd live outside for the majority of the year before coming inside over the winter months, to give the land a rest and enable us to supplement their diet inside whilst the grass levels are low. All our cattle raised for our prime beef are also ‘finished’ inside, meaning we can ensure they are getting optimum nutrition to produce the best beef possible. Inside we feed cattle with a carefully managed diet of Hybrid-Barley harvested from our land, mixed with a protein pellet, cow 'cake' to provide starch, protein, energy, minerals and Hay providing roughage.

Our pigs are housed in large pens with lots of straw to allow them to 'be pigs' and rummage around their pen. They're currently fed on pig 'cake' and some food waste from the family, but are currently exploring options to take more local food waste to increase the sustainability of our pork.

Pictured: Henry

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We manage all of our livestock using a high welfare system, ensuring all animals are raised in a way that produces great meat, but also provides our stock with the care and respect they deserve. Below are some examples of the steps we take to ensure this:

- Cattle are kept in well-managed fields and purpose built farm steading with lots of room and ventilation 

- All of our calves whether purposed for breeding or meat production spend at least 6 months suckling their mothers, providing a natural boost to their growth rate

- Cattle are very generously bedded providing a comfortable indoor space as well as the animals being clean at point of slaughter

- Stock that are slaughtered for our meat orders are transported directly to the abattoir, avoiding the stress and food miles of being put through an auction mart

- Our livestock are always transported in pairs or more, meaning they keep each other calm during transit, reducing stress on the animal

- Pigs are kept in groups on solid floors with straw for bedding and rooting, encouraging their natural behaviour, allowing free movement and providing comfort.

Pictured: Connie

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We are a family-run business, who aim to source all components in our beef hampers from Cumbrian businesses. It is truly a team effort with the whole family involved.

 Day to day Neil and Henry manage our farms alongside being contract farm managers on an estate filling an Anaerobic Digester, so have plenty to keep them busy! Connie works in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain day to day, she manages the sales and marketing in her spare time. Claire has a fitness and property business and supports us on idea generation and marketing ideas.

Pictured: Claire

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